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Whither Andrew Sullivan?

Something odd appears to be afoot at Andrew Sullivan's blog. He typically posts numerous times a day, but nothing appeared on Monday. (Sullivan always advises his readers when he's taking time off and has guest bloggers fill in.)

Yesterday he posted a short note reassuring his readers that "nothing was wrong" only to follow it up with a cryptic quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein that translates as "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." Hmm. And then he posted a clip from Desperate Housewives featuring a sullen little boy named Andrew being punished and forced to apologize for wrongdoing. HMMM.

Speculation is flying on some political blogs that Sullivan has been fired from the Atlantic and has been given time to find a new home for his blog. Others are saying that he's being censored for relentless attacks on Sarah Palin and is punishing his bosses (read comment #5 there) by not posting. If that's the case, the Desperate Housewives clip is a rather genius clue, one that only a gay man could come up with. (Bree Van De Camp is a Republican Christian raising her daughter's child as her own.) The latest comments on Matthew Yglesias' site are particularly interesting. Perhaps it's all nothing but an uncharacteristic break, perhaps not.

UPDATE: Sullivan has resumed blogging.

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