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NY Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith Won't Talk About Marriage Equality

You may recall that in September I worried about NY Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith's tepid enthusiasm for marriage equality. If the Democrats seize the majority next week, it will incumbent upon Smith as the new Majority Leader to finally put the issue before the Senate, potentially the final step for approval as the Democrat-dominated Assembly has already approved the issue once. (And we already know that Gov. Paterson will sign on in a heartbeat.) But watch this clip from yesterday in which Smith evades repeated questions on marriage equality, ignoring the reporter and talking instead about the economy.

If the Dems take the Senate majority on Tuesday, some think that marriage equality will be a done deal for New York. It would certainly be difficult for Smith to withstand the enormous pressure for him to bring it to the Senate floor. But I remain very suspicious of his intentions. I'll be delighted for Sen. Smith to prove me wrong - as will a few of my dear friends who've put their weddings on hold, hoping for Central Park in June.

(Clip via - Towleroad)

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