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Yes On 8 Leader Assaults Protester, Lies About It To Police, Press

The leader of the local Yes On 8 campaign in Bakersfield assaulted a No On 8 protester when he saw that Yes On 8 signs had been altered.
Ken Mettler, a politically conservative activist and member of the Kern High School District is caught on video kicking and punching a protester at a demonstration against Proposition 8. But Mettler claims he was only defending himself. "I was assaulted. A fellow threw a punch at me. He missed. And I did hit him," said Mettler.

The incident was recorded by another protester. The video shows Mettler taking signs which originally read "Yes on 8" but were altered to read "No on 8". Mettler is jeered by the crowd as he collects the signs. Mettler than starts walking toward a man, and the video shows Mettler grabbing a sign and then appearing to strike and kick 21-year-old Robert Badewitz.

"He hit me on the left jaw with his fist and then he kicked me as well," said Badewitz. Mettler then walks away after the incident. Bakersfield Police say an assault did take place, but would not say if Mettler was the one who committed the assault. Police questioned Mettler but no arrests were made. Police say accusations were made signs were being stolen. Ken Mettler is also the Kern County chairman for Yes on Proposition 8, and president of the Bakersfield Chapter of the California Republican Assembly.
Mettler is lying. According to numerous witnesses, he was not merely "on his way out for dinner" as he claims in the linked story, but had been protesting on the Yes On 8 side of the intersection for over an hour. Neither side is pressing charges, but this is just one of many increasingly violent incidents that are occurring as election day draws nearer.

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