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Andrea Mitchell, Gay Icon?

The NY Observer thinks so.
Sure, there’s Rachel Maddow and that wry smile, there’s Anderson Cooper and his silver foxiness, but Andrea … she’s got something else. But what was it? We were pretty sure it had something to do with her performance at the very end of last year’s Republican convention, when she appeared completely unfazed by the avalanche of red, white and blue balloons pouring over her as she reported from the floor. Endearing, tenacious, resilient!

We decided to take a sample of some of our friends. We sent them an IM that went something along the lines of: “Andrea Mitchell: Secretly a gay icon?”

“I do love her! She’s so sassy,” said our friend Chris. “I’ve always been more of an Eleanor Clift man myself,” said Adam, referring to the Newsweek writer and weekly McLaughlin Groupie. “There’s something to be said for gays and Sunday morning political talk shows, though.” “I like her,” said Rick of Andrea. “She’s the Golden Girls rolled into one: the body of Sophia, the sassiness of Dorothy and probably a sex kitten like Blanche, and most likely from the Midwest, like Rose.” Well, for the record, she’s from New York, but sex kitten? We’re betting yes. In an interview with Time in 2005, she was asked, “What’s your pet name for [hubby Alan Greenspan]?” She responded: “I can tell you it’s not Mr. Chairman.”
I'm not seeing it. Kids today.

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