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NH Marriage Repeal Underway

Same-sex marriage becomes legal in New Hampshire on January 1st and the usual fuckweasels are planning a ballot measure to repeal it.
“Republican Rep. Dan Itse is affiliated with Citizens Leadership of New Hampshire, which was created a few years ago to highlight threats to constitutional freedoms,” reports the Boston Globe. “He said Wednesday he will sponsor two constitutional amendments when the Legislature reconvenes in January. One would make only marriages between men and women recognized by the state. The other would prohibit the state from abridging a parent's right to control their child's health, education and welfare.” The legislature would first need to approve the amendment, which if passed, would be presented to voters in November 2010, after same-sex marriages become legal.
Obviously, a win for us in Maine would suck a lot of the wind out of blowhards like Dan Itse.

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