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80's Flashback

Sheila B. Devotion, Spacer, 1980. French pop singer Anne Chancel took this Chic production to the top five of most European countries and the top of the American dance charts, selling five million copies along the way. Most of you tender kittens will know Spacer as the basis for Alcazar's 2000 smash, Crying At The Discotheque. It was a great year for Chic's Niles Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, who in 1980 also produced landmark albums for Diana Ross (Upside Down, I'm Coming Out) and Sister Sledge (Got To Love Somebody), as well as their own underrated Real People. For a laugh, go back and listen to Sheila B. Devotion's first big disco hit, 1978's cover of Singing In The Rain, which is one of the more amusing French-accented attempts at an American standard. I'm singing in deh reeeeennnn. Trivia: In some countries, the act was billed as Sheila and Black Devotion, the name of her backup dancers.

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