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Palpatine Forgives Attacker

Pope Palpatine says he forgives the woman that attacked him on Christmas Eve.
Appearing for his Christmas "Urbi et Orbi" blessing to tens of thousands of congregants in St. Peter's Square, the Pope made an appeal to "abandon all logic of violence and revenge" and lead with "generosity" on "the path of peaceful coexistence." The plea came less than a day after Susanna Maiolo, 25, pushed past security guards to reach the Pope, knocking him down in a chaotic papal mishap. The Pope was uninjured, but a prominent French cardinal who was near the Pope also fell, and was hospitalized with a broken hip. Maiolo, a Swiss-Italian, has been hospitalized and apparently told doctors she did not mean to hurt the Pope, La Republica newspaper reported. A Vatican spokesman said the girl was "apparently unbalanced," but they would be "very lenient" with her and she would be pardoned. "It was an assault, but it wasn't dangerous because she wasn't armed," the spokesman said.
All she wanted was those ruby Prada slippers.

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