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Libery University Pulls Out Of CPAC

Keeping their threat to pull out of the CPAC wingnut convention if the dirty queers at GOProud were allowed to remain as a co-sponsor, Liberty University's Mat Staver said his group will not attend. Oh, but his OTHER group, Liberty Counsel will.
Staver reports that he never received a formal response to his complaint, so Liberty University is dropping its co-sponsorship. Liberty Counsel, however, will still have a booth at CPAC. "Obviously as an exhibitor or participant, you don't necessarily have to think that everyone agrees with you, and some people might even work against you," Staver notes. "But as a co-sponsor, even though not everybody would have the same mission, not everyone would agree with the same tactics, and some would actually focus on economics whereas others might focus on social issues and others might focus on national defense -- the fact is they're all conservative in nature. You wouldn't expect, however, a co-sponsor to actively work to undermine another co-sponsor, and that is in fact what GOProud does."
This way Mat only has to work one booth! Interestingly, Sarah Palin has declined an invitation to appear at CPAC. Last year she was supposed to attend, but never showed, saying she'd never actually agreed to the gig.

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