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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

Missouri: Pastor Lloyd Sartain arrested on federal weapons charges.
California: Lawyers for Father Antonio Cortes ask court to suppress evidence of child porn found on his laptop, which included tens of thousands of images of boys as young as six.
Florida: Pastor Dieugrand Jacques arrested for sexual battery of a teenage girl.
Texas: Pastor Dean Tarkington arrested for sending a teenage girl a lewd video of himself.
Georgia: Pastor Kenneth Terrell arrested for molesting a child under the age of five.
South Carolina: Father Edgar Sepulveda arrested for sexual battery on a juvenile male.
Oklahoma: Pastor Edwin House charged with molesting two 14 year-old girls.
Idaho: Youth Pastor Jordan Vernon arrested for sexual battery on minors under 16.
New York: Pastor Philip Joubert charged with felony assault on a child. Joubert was arrested for the rape of another underage girl in November.
Ontario: Father Kenneth Gibbs pleads guilty to sexually assaulting two pre-teen girls.
North Carolina: Pastor Rodney Boothe sentenced to more than 100 years for sexually abusing two teenage boys.
Florida: Pastor Gaston Smith convicted of using county grant money meant for the poor to fund a Las Vegas vacation and other personal expenses.
New Mexico: Pastor Paul Meeks charged with the sexual abuse of his own daughters.
Israel: A 36 year-old rabbi was arrested for making 1200 obscene phone calls to children.

This Week's Winner-
Australia: Nine Catholics priests are about to go to separate trials on more than 200 counts of sexually abusing boys at the St. Stanislaus Boarding School. Father Brian Spillane faces 146 counts of sexual abuse over 22 years. Spillane's lawyer claims "mass contamination" of the case due to the website of one former St. Stanislaus student, who has been paid a settlement by the local diocese.

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