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Lesbian Becomes First Openly Gay Co-Owner Of Major League Sports Team

The Windy City Times reports that 42 year-old Laura Ricketts has become the first openly gay co-owner of an American major league sports franchise.
When Laura Ricketts and the rest of her family closed on the deal to purchase the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise last fall, the furthest thing from her mind was the impact this would have on the gay community. Even though Laura was an out lesbian activist and philanthropist in Chicago for several years, the Cubs deal was all about the team. A few months later, Ricketts does realize the impact of being the only openly gay owner of a major league men's sports franchise in the U.S., and also a rare woman owner and board member. She wants to make sure to serve both the Cubs and her community well. And this year, Ricketts, 42, and her partner of five years are not just becoming part of Cubs history, they are also welcoming a new Cubs fan into the family: Laura is pregnant and is expecting a baby girl in May. "We're extremely excited [ that ] we're expecting a baby in spring," Laura said. "This is a big year for us, not only in regards to the Cubs acquisition, but if you can imagine, for my partner and I an even bigger blessed event. My whole family is excited."
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