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Tired Old Queen At The Movies #20

This is an especially interesting episode from the TOQ, who says this on the clip's description:
Basil Dearden's ground breaking VICTIM starring Dirk Bogarde, ripped the lid off the public and personal persecution of homosexuals in Great Britain. The most daring film ever seen on the subject, VICTIM helped to change the laws dealing with homosexuality, laws which had been in existence for hundreds of years and had lead to the imprisonment and eventual death not only of Oscar Wilde, but countless others. This was the first English language film to use the word "homosexual." Gay actor Dirk Bogarde along with Dennis Price and lovely Sylvia Sims, risked their careers to appear in this heart stopping and controversial production. Dealing with a gay barrister who is being blackmailed and decides to risk everything by fighting back, VICTIM paved the way for every film dealing with the subject, from THE BOYS IN THE BAND to MILK.

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