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Constance McMillen Gets Her Day In Court

Mississippi teen Constance McMillen appeared in court today as the ACLU's claim of constitutional violations was heard.
Mississippi officials who canceled a prom after a lesbian student asked to bring her girlfriend told a federal judge Monday that there were issues with the event even before that. The American Civil Liberties Union is suing in U.S. District Court to force the Itawamba County school district to sponsor the prom and allow Constance McMillen to escort her girlfriend and wear a tuxedo. Schools Superintendent Teresa McNeece and school board Chairman Eddie Hood testified that they had discussed not sponsoring the prom even before McMillen challenged a rule that prohibits same-sex dates. They said they had concerns about liability problems, including possible use of alcohol and drugs at a school-sponsored event.
Apparently only gay teenagers use alcohol and drugs at high school proms. The judge has promised to issue his ruling quickly.

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