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Terrance McNally Marries In DC

While Christianists around the nation protested and rained down death threats on tiny college productions of his play Corpus Cristi, author Terrence McNally married his partner in Washington DC.
On Tuesday, the 71-year-old playwright and his partner, Tom Kirdahy, 46, exchanged vows on the banks of the Potomac River with the new same-sex marriage law in the nation's capital. Never mind their 25-year age difference, he said. They don't feel it, except for their tastes in music. During a small ceremony under a tree blooming with white flowers, Kirdahy read from a scene in McNally's play "Corpus Christi," in which a gay Christ-like figure named Joshua marries two apostles. "It is good when two men love as James and Bartholomew do and we recognize their union," Kirdahy read. "Love each other in sickness and in health." Kirdahy, a lawyer and Broadway producer, choked up as he recalled seeing the play before meeting McNally. "The first time I saw it, I knew that I could love the writer of those words," he said. Once they met, McNally said, it was love at first sight. Since then, they have battled McNally's lung cancer and worked together, as well as apart. After nearly 10 years and a clean bill of health, it feels like a lifetime, McNally said.
Witnesses to the wedding included actors Tyne Daly, John Glover, and Malcolm Gets.

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