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Gay Activist Wayne Mahlke Busted In Ugly Confrontation With NYPD

Wayne Mahlke, the former vice president and co-founder of the Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club of Queens, faces seven years in prison over a nasty and seemingly unprovoked confrontation with a female NYC cop.
A foul-mouthed former aide to disgraced ex-Sen. Hiram Monserrate cussed out a city cop and tried to bully his way out of an arrest by flashing a fake police placard, prosecutors said Tuesday. Wayne Mahlke, 48, was stopped at a red light near the Queensboro Bridge just after 9 a.m. when he saw NYPD Officer Denise McDonald on patrol. "Why don't you do your job, you fat bitch!" Mahlke shouted in what prosecutors said was an unprovoked verbal onslaught Sunday. When the 19-year NYPD veteran asked for his license, Mahlke tried to maneuver his 2009 Honda Civic past her but she stopped him by stepping in front of his car, prosecutors said. Mahlke then pulled out an official state Senate business placard and a forged police placard, trying to pull rank, they said. "You don't know who I am," Mahlke reportedly told her. "I'm higher ranking than you. I work for Mayor Bloomberg." She was having none of it. Mahlke was charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, failing to obey directions of a police officer, and not producing a valid license.
Mahlke has never worked for Mayor Bloomberg.

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