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God Sent The Oil Spill Because President Obama Has Insulted Israel

So said evangelists Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce in a Generals International webcast caught yesterday by Right Wing Watch, who reports:
Jacobs explains that years ago Bob Jones prophesied years that following the death of Oral Roberts, the Gulf Coast would be hit with an oil spill and two hurricanes. Apparently that prophesy is now coming true and it is because God is angry with Obama's attitude toward Israel. Chuck Piece agreed, but noted that God had sent Hurricane Katrina also because he was upset about the United States' treatment of Israel. God intended Katrina to be a "purifying wind," but the US failed to get the message "so now look at the gunk that's coming up on top of us."
Generals International also co-sponsored Janet Porter's hilariously failed May Day anti-gay rally in Washington DC. Right Wing Watch notes that World Net Daily has also jumped on the God-sent-the-oil-spill meme. The first clip is about the oil spill. In the second, Cindy and Chuck reveal that demonic spirits are attempting to destroy their ministry, but if you SEND THEM MONEY, you can stop Satan right in his cloven-hoofed tracks!

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