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NEW YORK CITY: Jury May Be Deadlocked In Craigslist Slaying Of Gay Reporter

Troubling news from the trial of confessed killer of gay ABC newsman George Weber.
Jurors in the Brooklyn murder trial of the teenager accused in the sex-charged stabbing death of WABC newsman George Weber yesterday told the judge they were deadlocked but will return today for further deliberations. In the middle of their second day of deliberations, the jurors sent out their note telling Judge Neil Firetog for the second time that they were having difficulties. Earlier yesterday the jury asked Firetog a second time to explain "reasonable doubt." John Katehis, 18, is charged with stabbing Weber, 47, more than 50 times in the March 2009 slaying.
The then 16 year-old Katehis was hired on Craigslist for an S/M "smothering" scene with Weber. Defense attorneys have painted the victim as a sexual predator, despite the confession and despite ample evidence of the killer's violent tendencies, including internet postings in which he brandished his extensive collection of knives and swords.

UPDATE: A mistrial HAS been declared due to one holdout juror who would not budge on the issue of intent. As in Katehis didn't INTEND to keep stabbing his bound victim 50 times? Prosecutors have vowed to try him again. Meanwhile, he gets a fucking bail hearing next week.

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