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NEW JERSEY: Gov. Chris Christie Waffles On Signing Landmark Bullying Bill

This week New Jersey's legislature nearly unanimously approved what would be the nation's stiffest anti-bullying bill. But GOP Gov. Chris Christie isn't convinced he should sign it.
"Now, bullying is an important problem in New Jersey, and this anti-bullying bill that was passed is something that when it gets to my desk I'm going to study very closely and decide whether or not I can sign it or whether I need to improve it. But I consider it an extraordinarily important issue to the people of the state, and it will get my full analysis and consideration, and that of my staff."
The lone dissenting vote in both chambers, a Republican, cited the objections of Christian groups who favor beating queer kids in the name of the Lord. Two other GOP legislators abstained at the last minute.

Incidentally, Chris Christie has been making some 2012 GOP presidential short lists in recent weeks.

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