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Tired Old Queen At The Movies #63

A holiday double-feature from the TOQ:

An interesting comparison exists between the two films chosen for the Christmas episode of STEVE HAYES: Tired Old Queen at the Movies . Douglas Sirks' ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS (1955) follows the love affair between a well-to-do middle-aged widow with grown children, Jane Wyman, and her gardener, Rock Hudson, who is twenty years younger. Todd Haynes' FAR FROM HEAVEN takes the same scenario, but has the woman, Julianne Moore, losing her husband played by Dennis Quaid, to a gay lover. She too finds solace in the arms of her gardener, this time a handsome black man, played by Dennis Haysburt. Each film takes a pot shot at the conservatism of the 1950's with the latter adding a more realistic 90's edge. Both offer fascinating and moving holiday viewing by two iconic filmmakers. Happy Holidays!

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