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FRC Hails Daniel Hernandez

From yesterday's dispatch from the Family Research Council.
Congresswoman Giffords, who appears to be the shooter's main target, is "holding her own," doctors say. Her survival is thanks, in large part, to the brave response of Giffords's new intern Daniel Hernandez. After just five days on the job, Hernandez--who was trained as a nurse's assistant--rushed to the Congresswoman's side and helped her sit upright, putting pressure on the head wound until the emergency teams arrived. When they did, Daniel stayed by her side "making sure she knew someone was with her and she wasn't alone," he said. Since the shooting, people have called Hernandez a hero--a title he's quick to shrug off. "The real heroes," he says, "are people like Congresswoman Giffords, who have dedicated their lives to public service and helping others." A resolution to honor his boss, and the fallen, is scheduled for Wednesday.
Something tells me Tony Perkins and crew don't yet have the full story on Daniel Hernandez. After all, according to Family Research Council doctrine, as a gay man Hernandez is inherently mental ill, prone to pedophilia, undeserving of serving in the military, and should be rounded up with his fellow queers and shipped out of the country. How can someone like THAT be a hero?

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