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GOProud To Be Shut Out Of CPAC 2012

World Net Daily reports that the board of directors of the governing organization of CPAC has voted to exclude GOProud (and any other "homosexual advocacy" group) from next year's convention. This move comes after GOProud chairman Chris Barron came under fire for referring to some conservative leaders as "bigots." Which they are, of course, but Barron had violated Reagan's Eleventh Commandment: "Never speak ill of another Republican." Barron later apologized, but the damage, apparently, had been done. Details of today's vote by the American Conservative Union have not been released.

UPDATE: Twitter is presently going nuts about the meltdown Barron just had on the Michelangelo Signorile show when he refused to also apologize for calling LGBT activists "the gay left Taliban." Apologies for bigots, yes, but not for gays. Signorile then booted him off the show. Hopefully we'll get an audio file on that very soon.

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