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HomoQuotable - Michael Lucas

"I'm preparing to organize a boycott that would certainly involve some of the [NYC LGBT] Center's most generous donors. It was an inexcusable decision on the Center's part to associate itself with a hate group like Israeli Apartheid Week, but there's still time for them to reverse course and begin restoring their reputation."

"At first I thought this was a joke. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that supports gay rights, while its enemies round up, torture, and condemn gay people to death -- often by publicly hanging or stoning them to death. If the LGBT Center wants to host a fundraising and awareness party for anti-semites, they might as well go all the way and host a tea dance for Fred Phelps." - Gay porn producer and actor Michael Lucas, in a press release announcing a boycott of the NYC LGBT Center.

Lucas, a GOProud supporter who pens anti-Arab/pro-Israel pieces for the Advocate, says that "anti-Zionism is new anti-Semitism."

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