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Quote Of The Day - Al Cardenas

"We'll always be inclusive in regards to who comes to CPAC -- regardless of your ethnic origin, gender, color of your skin or orientation. You're always welcome as an individual. The challenge is always, in terms of our participating organizations, is are you within the sandbox of our principles or not. And if you're not, your individual members are welcome to come but not the organization." - American Conservative Union head Al Cardenas, telling C-SPAN that GOProud will not be invited back to CPAC unless they drop all gay rights issues from their agenda.

As far as most of us can tell, the only gay rights issue that GOProud has ever fully endorsed is the repeal of DADT. So that would have to disappear, judging by Cardenas' words. GOProud does oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment, but that's in line with their oft-stated position that marriage rights should be the exclusive province of the states. It seems that would have to change as well.

(Via - Equality Matters)

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