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MINNESOTA: Anti-Gay Preacher Told To Stop Raising Money At Walmart

Anti-gay Minnesota preacher Bradlee Dean, who last week came to national prominence for his prayer before the state legislature, has been told by Walmart that his ministry may no longer solicit donations in their parking lots. Also, Dean has lost one of the Christian radio networks that ran his show.
Wal-Mart and Salem Communications have severed ties with two entities run by pastor Bradlee Dean, who made headlines last week for a controversial prayer before the Minnesota House of Representatives. David Brauer reports that AM 1280 The Patriot, owned by Christian broadcaster Salem Communications, dropped Dean’s “Sons of Liberty” radio show, and Nick Pinto writes that Wal-Mart has told Dean’s ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, that it can no longer fundraise in the parking lots of its Minnesota locations. MinnPost’s Brauer notes that Dean was fired from AM 1280 before he gave his controversial speech before the House. The station pulled Dean after he engaged in a six-minute song mocking African Americans and then likened President Obama to Osama bin Laden. “For a minister to do that made no sense,” station manager Ron Stone told MinnPost. Dean is in talks to move to Clear Channel owned KTLK, but that station says that Dean would have to make changes to his show.
According to a Walmart spokesperson, Dean had registered to solicit funds under a false name.

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