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RUSSIA: Dan Choi Among Activists Arrested At Moscow Pride Protest

UK Gay News is running a live blog from the pride protest in Moscow. Here are the latest entries at this writing:

14:00. Andy Thayer is confirmed as having been arrested, along with Dan Choi and Louis-Georges Tin, Anna and three other Russian gay activists.

13:40. Report just in that four Russians participats in Pride have been arrested outside Moscow City Hall.

13:31. Dan Choi and Louis-Georges Tin both confirmed as having been arrested.

13:29. "All participants of Moscow Pride at Alexandrovski Gardens was been "brutally arrested", Chad Meacham has just reported. The arrest were made as participants arrived at the Gardens. One person, Louis-Geroges Tin was allowed to give an iterview with the world's TV and press. No names of those arrested are not known, apart from Anna.

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