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World Net Daily: Arrest Cuomo

Right Wing Watch reports that World Net Daily has published an editorial calling for the arrest of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and others that supported the "unconstitutional act" of legalizing same-sex marriage. The editorial has a byline from Dr. Ted Beahr, noted vicious homophobe and Christianist film critic.
With regard to the illegal action of the New York state government, it is more important to understand clearly that the civil government has no authority in area of the free exercise of religion such as marriage. If it has no authority and tries to With exercise power not vested to it, then the state is acting illegally. We need to stand for God's law in the face of the power grab by those in civil authority who know no restraints. New York and the other increasingly socialized states have not only violated God's law, they have also violated their own Constitution and the will of the governed.

When they do that, they are just like King George. They have abdicated their moral and legal authority and are subject to indictment, trial and just punishment. Now, all those who freely exercise their inalienable right to religious faith must stop acting like useful idiots and fellow travelers by going along to get along. Instead, they must stand for their God-given rights by proclaiming loud and clear that these New York government servants have crossed the line into illegal activity that has no authority and makes them criminals.

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