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Michael Brown: American Christianists Will Suffer Because Of The Norway Killer

"The murderous acts of Anders Breivik in Norway will be seen as proof that conservative Christians in America might just turn violent too, as if the demented actions of an anti Muslim, anti multiculturalist Norwegian have anything to do with the spiritual, moral, and cultural aspirations of American Christ-followers who espouse the non-violent teachings and example of the Master himself.

"Sadly, the atmosphere in our country has become so toxic that venerable ministries like Focus on the Family and the American Family Association have been branded as 'hate groups' by the Southern Poverty Law Center, while People for the American Way sends out regular warnings about evangelical Christian leaders on its RightWingWatch website. And this will surely intensify in the days to come in the wake of the tragedy in Norway." - Anti-gay activist and author Michael Brown, lamenting that American Christianists will suffer in the wake of the terrorism in Norway.

NOTE: At least Brown isn't denying the killer's Christianity.

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