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More "Gays Are Diseased" From AFA

Ever since the marriage win in New York state, major anti-gay hate groups have shifted their attacks on us from "they are destroying the family" to "they are filthy disease-ridden animals." More on that theme came yesterday via AFA national radio host, Ed Vitagliano.
Our perspective here at AFA has been not only a biblical one, we've made this point numerous times, but it is also a physiological, a biological, a natural law perspective. And that perceptive is humankind is divided into male and female and the male and female have different - you know, I don't want to make this a biology lesson - but different organs that are designed for, well, intercourse. And so the fact of the matter is homosexuals can only imitate that and this is the primary reason why the sexually transmitted disease rates and infection rates are so high in, especially, the gay male community. They are abusing their body and they are abusing the nature of the design of the human body. And so you don't even have to be a Christian or an orthodox Jew or a Muslim to argue against the unnaturalness of homosexual activity.

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