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Uganda Health Minister: Pray AIDS Away

Uganda's new minister of health claims that prayer cures AIDS. And surprise surprise, she's also a backer of the "Kill Gays Bill" and is supported by American evangelicals. All are complicit in the deaths of any Ugandan who rejects medical treatment for AIDS.
In May 2011 Dr. Christine Ondoa was chosen as the new head of Uganda's Ministry of Health. The position will give Ondoa authority over a significant portion of Uganda's foreign HIV/AIDS mitigation funding, which in the year 2010 included over $270 million dollars from the United States. Along with her role as a medical professional, Christine Ondoa also serves as pastor in the Life Line Ministries of apostle Julius Peter Oyet, one of the most powerful clerics leading Uganda's ongoing crusade against gay rights. Since her appointment as Health Ministry head, Ondoa has promoted the claim, an established tenet of Peter Wagner's apostolic movement, also advanced by Oyet's Life Line Ministries, that HIV/AIDS can be cured through prayer.
RELATED: Warren Throckmorton reports today: "In a sign that debate is heating up in Uganda over the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the Family Life Network of Stephen Langa convened a press conference yesterday and initiated the 'Pass the Bill Now' campaign."

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