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Texas Gay Man Beaten, Burned, Stabbed

The Dallas Voice reports that a Texas gay man has been beaten, burned, and stabbed in what the victim is characterizing as a hate crime.
Burke Burnett said he was at a private party at about 1 a.m. when four men suddenly attacked him, stabbing him at least twice with a broken beer bottle before throwing him onto a fire. His attackers yelled things like “pussy-ass faggot,” “gay bitch” and “cock-sucking punk,” Burnett said. Burnett said it took 30 stitches to close stab wounds to his back and forearm, as well as a cut above his left eye. He also sustained second-degree burns and severe bruises. “They knew I was gay,” Burnett said Monday. “I’m convinced they were trying to kill me.” Jeff Sugg, interim chief of the Reno Police Department, released a statement Monday afternoon saying: “The Reno Police Department is currently investigating an aggravated assault that took place last weekend. The investigation is ongoing and additional information will be provided when available.”
The victim says he knows at least one of the attackers. No arrests have been made as of this writing. Hit the above link for more details and for updates.

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