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NEW YORK: Judge Allows Christian Hate Group To Proceed With Marriage Lawsuit

As I've mentioned here before, the Christianist hate group New Yorkers For Constitutional Freedom is suing to overturn same-sex marriage (among other things) on the grounds that legislators were promised campaign donations in return for their vote. (Which is exactly what NOM loudly does at every opportunity.) A state judge has now ruled that the suit may proceed. From NOM's blog:
The Honorable Robert Wiggins, Livingston County Supreme Court Judge, has upheld New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms' (NYCF) right to present evidence questioning the legality of the process and procedure whereby same-sex "marriage" became law in New York. The State Attorney General's office filed court papers seeking to dismiss New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms v. New York State Senate, the suit brought by NYCF and other plaintiffs that could overturn New York's same-sex "marriage" law, but Judge Wiggins' decision soundly denied that action. Rev. Jason J. McGuire, NYCF's Executive Director and a plaintiff in the suit, said, "I'm grateful that Judge Wiggins carefully weighed the arguments and agreed that this case has sufficient merit to move forward."
RELATED: The case is being argued by Liberty Counsel attorney Rena Lindvaldsen, the author of Only One Mommy, a book that tells the story of an "ex-gay" mom who kidnapped her daughter to Central America in order to defy multiple court orders to share custody with her former partner. The FBI has investigated the Liberty Counsel for their possible complicity in the kidnapping as the child was found to be living in a home owned by the parent of a Liberty Counsel employee.

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