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FRC: Pray Against Maryland Marriage

The Family Research Council's prayer of the day:
May God stir pastors across the state of Maryland to set aside their regular activities to do their part in this critical fight. May they lead their congregations to do their duty as Christian citizens! May this and related bills be defeated and the momentum toward homosexual marriage be permanently reversed! As has happened in Maine and New Hampshire, may politicians who have no conscience in this matter be reminded at the polls (Gen 1:27 ff; Job 38:3; Jer 23:9-18; Eze 33:1-19; Mal 2:11-16; Mt 6:33; 17:20; 19:4-6; Lk 1:37; Rom 1:32).
And I'm going to pray that the sun doesn't explode at 6:44am.

UPDATE: You're welcome.

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