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COLORADO: Christian Hate Group Wins
Bid To Place Legalization Of Anti-Gay Discrimination On November Ballot

Despite the efforts of One Colorado and the JMG readers who pitched in to fund the battle, today anti-gay Christian hate group Focus On The Family won their battle to place a legalization of anti-gay discrimination on the statewide November ballot.

If the ballot measure were to win, LGBT people could be denied housing, employment, access to services, anything. All in the name of a "religious liberty" to hate.

One Colorado's Brad Clark writes us:
I'm sitting in the Secretary of State's office. Today's title board hearing just finished up. Despite having some of the best legal minds in Colorado working for us and mounting a strong legal case, we lost our initial challenge to Focus on the Family's deceptive ballot initiative to write discrimination into our state Constitution. Now we have to take our challenge to the Colorado State Supreme Court. If we don't, this dangerous measure is all but certain to appear on our ballot this fall. If enacted, this measure's radical effects will be felt in Colorado for decades to comeā€”and would have far-reaching implications for LGBT Coloradans.
Hit this link to help the appeal effort.

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