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Non-A-Holes Vs Hate

Last week I reported that the Florida Family Association plans to fly a banner plane over Disney World to warn attendees about this year's Gay Day. Somebody has a plan to counter that message.
We're average Americans against hatred, or, as we like to call ourselves, the Non-A-Holes. Let's fly a banner above Orlando that reads "WARNING: Homophobes Loose in Orlando. Hide Your Kids." We need about $1,200 to run the banner for two hours above Orlando. Please join us, the Non A-Holes by clicking the donate link on this page and letting the Florida Family Association know that haters can be haters, but, to quote The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, "Love is never wrong, and so it never dies."
It looks like they've reached their donation goal, but here's the link in case they plan to fly the message more than once.

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