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NEW JERSEY: Anti-Gay Teacher Vicki Knox May Retire Rather Than Face Tenure Trial

You may recall that last fall New Jersey public school teacher Vicki Knox was so upset by a pro-gay bulletin board at her school, she took to Facebook to launch a tirade calling gays "perverted spirits" whose sin "breeds like cancer." Knox was then suspended for conduct unbecoming a public servant, leading local anti-gay groups to protest the school board in defense of their latest martyr. The story was picked up the mainstream national press after Gov. Chris Christie denounced her behavior.

Last week Knox requested a delay in her tenure trial while she pursues a disability retirement pension on "psychological grounds." Because of those perverted gay spirits? She also claims to have a back injury.
William Quinn, a spokesman for the state Treasury Department said Knox can apply for an ordinary or an accidental disability pension. Accidental disability pensions, which are related to an on-the-job injuries, pay a higher percentage of an employee’s salary. But Quinn said the tenure charges must still be dealt with, either through the disciplinary process or through a settlement with the district before a final decision on the disability application is made. "Filing a disability application will not allow someone to short-circuit the disciplinary process," Quinn said. "It’s the Division of Pensions and Benefits’ practice not to make a final decision on retirement applications until there has been a resolution of the disciplinary process."

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