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NYC OccuPride Organizer Quits

As I reported yesterday, a subset of Occupy SF plans to protest at the gay pride parade. Today the creator of the OccuPride NYC event page on Facebook called it quits. He writes:
I have decided not to march in OccuPride... Go figure.. I created the event and this page! I no longer have any joy left in me to participate in this event after I have spent the past few weeks working very hard on creating it and sending out as positive a vibe of Love + Peace as I possibly could on this page.... I have no interest in protesting and complaining at Pride... If I am going to Pride I am going to celebrate Joy, Hope, Love, and Liberation!! If I have to march with a bunch of protesting complainers on our day of liberation I would rather go to the beach!!
The linked page presently shows 144 people will march with OccuPride NYC. They have an official place in the parade, Section 11, Group 15.

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