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Log Cabin Republicans: The GOP Platform Was Made Worse By Our Presence

Earlier this month the Log Cabin Republicans boasted about being allowed to sit in on the drafting of the Republican party platform. But according to a Log Cabin member interviewed by National Public Radio, their presence at the drafting meeting made the document even more anti-gay.
"When you back someone into a corner, they fight back twice as hard," said Casey Pick of the Log Cabin Republicans, a national organization representing the interests of gays and lesbians. "The platform is ugly and harmful," she said during a Wednesday gathering of same-sex marriage supporters at a law firm just across the Hillsborough River from the site of this week's Republican convention in Tampa, Fla. [snip] "We've been invited to engage," said Log Cabin Deputy Director Donald Bramer, a Navy reservist and former official in the Commerce and Health and Human Services departments during the administration of President George H.W. Bush. "We've achieved a certain level of respect." Pick, the Log Cabin's program director and an evangelical Christian, however, characterized the tone of the party's discussions about same-sex marriage in meetings of the Constitution subcommittee as largely "hostile." "We lost," she said. "And you could say the social conservatives in our party dropped the hammer harder because we were there."
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