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WASHINGTON: Catholic Church Orders Special Anti-Gay Marriage Collection

The Diocese of Yakima has ordered its parishes to make a special collection to be donated to the fight against same-sex marriage in Washington state. From Bishop Joseph Tyson:
Labor Day Weekend marks the beginning of Preserve Marriage Month, the official start to our educational program to inform parishioners about Catholic teaching on marriage and Referendum 74 (R‐74), which would redefine marriage. R‐74 will appear on the ballot in November. “With the other bishops of our state I will issue a statement reinforcing that marriage between one man and one woman is central to Catholic teaching.” I am asking you to announce a special parishioner financial appeal at each Mass on the weekend of August 25/26 or September 1/2 – whichever one you choose – to promote the September 8/9 in‐pew collection for the Preserve Marriage Washington campaign. This important appeal will benefit the campaign to reject R‐74.
An anti-gay flyer will also be included in this weekend's church bulletins.

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