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Open Thread Thursday

Sometime after 6pm yesterday Google forced all its remaining "old Blogger" users onto its new posting interface with no apparent ability to revert to the old system. (Go to Twitter and search for "Blogger" and "interface" for howls of anguish in all human languages.) As I loathe change and am ridiculously not tech-savvy, I'd been clinging to the old system via a simple hack that has now been overridden.

It was suggested to me on Facebook that this might be as good a time as any to launch a JMG template redesign contest.  So let's make today's Open Thread a forum on how that contest might work.  Maybe I could post screenshots of the submissions and run a poll on which one you folks like the best. After all, this here website thingy is about as collaborative as a one-man show like JMG can be. At least, that's my hope.

NOTE:  The next few dozen posts may not look very tidy as I try to figure out how to create posts without a motherfucking preview screen.

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