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"The LGBT Must Be Classified As A
Domestic Terrorists Hate Group"

"The CNN, MSNBC Secular Media is promoting terrorist attacks against Christians. Maybe the Floyd Corkins assassination attempt on Tony Perkins will wake up the Christian Church in the nation? When will CNN, MSNBC and other secular networks stop giving the LGBT leaders a platform to preach their hate speech and violence towards Christians. Their has been thousands of threatening messages and acts of violence against Christians. It is only a matter of time before another LGBT gay activist like Floyd Corkins, sets out to shoot up a Chick Fil A or Christian Church. Thanks to the Left wing agenda of the White House, Democrats, CNN, MSNBC and other secular networks. When we pray, we are telling God what we need. But we need to act and God will act on Our Behalf. Contact the FBI, tell them to investigate LGBT Domestic Terrorists. We must also pray and act to stop the Christian persecution and holocaust taking place around the world." - Frank Tomi of, via press release.

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