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Quote Of The Day - Richard Socarides

"Last night in Charlotte, the Democratic Party made history as the first national party to offer a platform endorsing marriage equality for all Americans. The move followed, of course, President Obama's personal endorsement of same-sex marriage in May. Both were important moments for me, here as a delegate for New York, and many others at the convention who have fought for full equality for gays and lesbians over many years. It was a completely different scene in Tampa last week.

"When Ann Romney spoke about her own 'real marriage' at the Republican National Convention, I wondered if this admittedly likable woman auditioning for a role as first lady would someday try to stand in the way of my marriage. I thought: can Mitt Romney stop gay marriage? Does he even want to? [snip]

"I asked Evan Wolfson, President of the group Freedom to Marry and the founder of the marriage equality movement nationally, whether he though Mitt Romney could stop marriage equality or if he thought Romney even cared. 'He has staked out a position, whether sincerely or otherwise, to the right of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush'” said Wolfson. 'We have no reason to think he's not serious.'

So while I welcome my pro-equality friends in the GOP to the cause—they see the future—I'm happier in Charlotte than I would have been in Tampa. And I hope that the country sticks with the president it's got." - Former Clinton White House advisor Richard Socarides, writing for the Daily Beast.

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