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America's Most Dangerous Homosexual

Is me, according to The Daily Bleach:
#1 Joe Jervis
Also known as the homosexual deity, Joe My God, Mr. Jervis (Bad Uncle Joe as his sex slaves call him) spats homosexual propaganda on his poorly designed 3rd party hosted blog. Joe’s choice to post falsehoods about Republicans and Christians is just as bad as his choice to live a gay lifestyle that is full of bear on bear sex violence and his addiction to Neptune Oiled ‘fist fights’. Just like Rachael Maddow, Joe’s blog posts are tilted to the extreme left to push his own agenda of socialism and modern day New York Nazism. He aims to make gays look like victims in hopes of gaining sympathy for his communities sick and twisted chosen way of life.
Hit the link for the rest of the list. Bruce Jenner!

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