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CHINA: Gay Couple Marries As Huge Crowd Looks On And Cheers

Gay Star News reports:
Lu Zhong and Liu Wangqiang, 24 and 20 respectively, wowed their hometown of Ningde on Tuesday (2 Oct), a day after the national day, as their cascade of wedding cars paraded the city’s roads and parks and showcased their love. With the newly-weds attracting as many as 1000 onlookers, according to the West Strait Morning Post, Liu Hua-sheng, a well-wishing taxi driver, described the scene as being "grander than the Chinese New Year." The evening climaxed when Lu and Liu, clad in black-and-white wedding suits, kissed each other on the lips.  In China where same-sex marriage is not legally recognized and homosexuality often frowned at, Lu and Liu’s love has been nothing short of high-profile for the public. 
One of the grooms claims that the local government sent "ruffians with clubs" to look for them, but  the ceremony went off without interference.

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