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Scamvangelist Bill Keller: Romney Is A Liar Who Won't Admit He Worships Satan

"If you challenge a Mormon about their beliefs, they will LIE that this is not what they believe. In Mormonism, it is called 'lying for the Lord,' which teaches them that it is OK to lie about their true beliefs in order to advance the agenda of their cult. This is why when asked about their secretive "temple rituals" their founder Smith plagiarized from the Masonic cult, Mormons will tell you they are sacred and not secret, to keep people from knowing about their blood oaths to the Mormon cult above everything else, or the role playing that includes worshipping Satan. Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and those in the Mormon cult LIE every time they claim to be a Christian. The fact is, because of their beliefs that they will deny if confronted with them, a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is. Why won't the media challenge Mitt Romney on this issue? Worse, why do true Biblical Christians allow him and those in his cult to get away with such a LIE???" - Scamvangelist Bill Keller, whose write-in campaign for Jesus allegedly now has over 1.3 million signatures.  Keller, who spent three years in prison for insider trading, claimed in August that he would sue the SPLC for $100M over their hate groups list.

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