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Twitter Responds To My Death Threat

Just in via email from Twitter:
Hello, While we understand your frustration and the severity of your issue, we have found that the reported account is currently not in violation of the Twitter Rules at this time. We have a policy against violent threats, but the content of this account lacks the specificity to meet the criteria of an actionable threat. While we cannot suspend or remove content for violation of this rule, it may be important to address the actual threat rather than the online posting alone. We strongly encourage you to contact your local authorities to assess the validity of the threat. By contacting and working with your local authorities, you may be able to defuse the threat and address the root of the issue. Websites such as Twitter do not have the ability to investigate and assess a threat or apprehend and prosecute individuals. If contacted by law enforcement directly, we can work with them and provide the necessary information for their investigation of your issue.
I expected nothing more, but apparently this person did go further with somebody else than he did with me because the account was suspended in the last hour.

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