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Chicago Tribune: Marriage Is Unstoppable

From an editorial by the Chicago Tribune:
Increasingly, the public understands that letting same-sex couples marry does no harm to the civil institution of marriage, but promotes family stability, rewards loving commitment, and safeguards the interests of children.

Advocates also got a big boost in May, when President Barack Obama endorsed the idea. At the time, Ralph Reed of the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition called Obama's announcement an "unanticipated gift to the Romney campaign" that would drive religious Americans to the polls to vote against Obama. But Mitt Romney saw little to be gained from pushing the issue, and it didn't impede the president's re-election.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill authorizing civil unions for same-sex couples, and he has come out for marriage rights, as has this page. It's not likely to pass in the near future, but time is on the side of the proponents. Their cause has the advantage of resting on respect for liberty and fairness. Wherever it can also count on public support, it will be unstoppable.

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