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Liberty Counsel President Has The Sadz

"Romney was like the unwanted suitor at our high school prom. We danced because we didn't want to turn him down and make a scene. Our reluctance was warranted, because as we danced, he talked about his economic plan. Like one of those dolls we had as kids: 'Hello, my name is Chatty Cathy!' Just pull the string to hear the same lines over and over.  Ask Romney about anything and he would say, 'Hello, I know how to run a business.' Many of us would have voted for the Grinch if he was the Republican nominee. Other women felt themselves caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, but they were unwilling to give up their current unhealthy relationship for an uncertain voyage. We believed Romney cared about the economy -- but it was not clear if he cared about anything else that we care about. He lost us at 'hello.'" - Liberty Counsel president Anita Staver (husband Mat Staver is their chairman), explaining why Romney lost the female vote.

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