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Maine's Haters Threaten Return To Ballot

The Christian Civic League is threatening to take same-sex marriage back to the ballot one more time.
We are in conversations with the Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council and Citizen Link to provide resources for churches, pastors and Christians who will need legal protections for our religious liberties. We want to discern the possible impact of redefining marriage as well as the remedies. Our priority is to help ensure your opportunity to live out your faith and ministry without interference. We are exploring the possibility of returning to the ballot again to overturn this egregious new definition of marriage. That may mean another campaign, including a signature drive to get it back on another ballot. We urge you to stay in touch with the Christian Civic League and be a part of our ongoing efforts with this and other important issues. We cannot hope to maintain or increase our effectiveness unless we maintain our lines of communication with you.
(Via Good As You)

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