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Pelosi May Step Down As Minority Leader

According to multiple reports, Rep. Nancy Pelosi is preparing to step down tomorrow as House Minority Leader.
"I love you all very dearly, but I thought I'd tell my caucus first," Pelosi told reporters Tuesday. Pelosi has held the top slot among Democrats in the House for 10 years, a decade that saw her lead her party to control of the House, only to lose it again in 2010, and that turned her into one of the most famous women in the history of American politics. Although Democrats will remain in the minority after this election, Pelosi was upbeat as she trotted out the new members of her party's caucus at a press conference Tuesday. “We may not have the majority. We may not have the gavel. But we have unity,” she said.
Should Pelosi indeed step down, the frontrunner to replace her is House Democratic Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer (MD), whose relationship with Pelosi is often characterized as "strained." However, the Minority Leader is chosen by a vote of the entire Democratic House caucus and some may prefer newer blood than the 72 year-old Hoyer.

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