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Quote Of The Day - Jerry Sanders

"Equality isn’t something you can quantify. But it’s something that has to be there. I think it’s coming right away. The Supreme Court’s going to take up [the appeal of Prop. 8 supporters] and I think they’re going to let [gay marriage] stand in California because they don’t want to deal with it. The voters are going for it. Young people, that is not even in their concern list. We’re all taught from the day you start school, equality’s very important. And you look at the civil rights movements – this is exactly what this is. And so playing a little part in it, it’s been good." - Outgoing GOP San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, telling the surprised (and right wing) Union-Tribune editorial board that coming out for marriage was the "most important" thing he did as mayor.

RELATED: The 2007 video of Sanders' tearful declaration that he had reversed on same-sex marriage went viral at the time.  It remains quite moving.

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