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You Can't Be A Democrat & Go To Heaven

A Kentucky public high school teacher has been reprimanded and forced to apologize after writing "You can't be a Democrat & go to heaven" on her classroom's white board.
According to Superintendent Doug Bennett, the accused teacher, Kendra Baker, heard the statement from a student then proceeded to write it on her board. The statement was not a part of the curriculum or lesson plan and was a blatant opinion following the recent Presidential election. “She wrote it on her own, and she wanted to write it on the board. She realized it was inappropriate,” Bennett said.

Baker is in her 17th year in teaching high school, and this is her ninth year teaching at South. Her courses include psychology, civics, world history, U.S. history, economics, and sociology. Since the incident, Baker’s statement has spread discord among students and parents via social media.

Baker was in violation of district policy No. 8.1353. The Student Code of Conduct states that teachers have the responsibility to maintain a classroom atmosphere conductive to learning, with mutual respect and trust, and be a model of a responsible citizen. In addition, the code specifies that teachers have the responsibility to develop positive self-concepts, self-confidence in order to respect the worth and dignity of others; clarify their values; and make choices that lead to responsible citizenship.
Commenters on right wing sites like Daily Caller and Newsbusters are cheering the teacher with messages like, "The SAD THING IS, she is RIGHT since democrats are godless commie heathens." I'm not sure that the teacher was in the wrong IF she had merely posted her student's quote in order to provoke discussion. It does appear that posting the quote violates school policy regardless of whether her intentions were good.

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